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  • ​​Undiluted solution, 100% natural concentrate.

  • Hempfy essential oil  is traceable, clean, safe and compliant with the highest international standards.​

  • Substantial reserve of industrial quantities in stock

  • Co-branding or white labeling

  • Product co-development

  • Licensing

hempfy essenTial oil

  • Hempfy essential oil is a water distilled extract  from Cannabis Sativa L. plant grown in ecologically clean area of central Switzerland.

  • It brings the essence of the cannabis flavour compound via natural terpenes and flavonoids.

  • Hempfy essential oil is  fully compliant with European regulations and requirements, as well as international good practice standards.

  • We pay special attention to sustainability and employ the best environmental practices related to plant cultivation, soil and water preservation, harvest, processing and waste management.

  • We use our own proprietary strain (cultivar) of the cannabis plant​.

Cannabis sativa L. is the botanical name of a plant belonging to the family Cannabaceae. Modern research has shown that the genus Cannabis is mono-specific (i.e, within the genus “Cannabis”, the only existing species is “sativa”). For most purposes, it suffices to apply the name Cannabis sativa to all cannabis plants encountered.”Hemp is the English vernacular name historically given to Cannabis sativa L.. Nowadays, its meaning has evolved, to mean crops explicitly grown for purposes other than the psychoactive ones, such as clothing fiber, paper, fuel, building material from the fiber, or food and oil from the seeds. The dissociation of “hemp” from psychoactivity-related Cannabis is purely artificial and terminological. Nevertheless, States have adopted various cutting points to distinguish legal and illegal Cannabis according to THC content (e.g., 0.2%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1%).

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